1. The Island was good fun. I wish it had stuck with the hard-sf, thoughtful pace marking the first half, and there were some silly anachronisms and errors (very few, really), but hey–what fun would it be for a geek if there weren’t mistakes to spot? It was good entertainment, even with an overactive SBU factor. One problem the creators couldn’t help–Scarlett Johannson and Djimon Hounsou absolutely sizzle when they are on screen together. Rowr. Sadly, they aren’t the movie’s couple.
  2. This morning I dreamed I was at a small gathering at a friend’s house. Sitting on a couch to my left was a goth guy. He must have been 6’5″, wearing a long black trench, metal in his face, teeth filed down to points. He looked at me, and somehow saw a kindred spirit. He felt he had to tell me about his “religion”–that strange stuff Peter Murphy sings about so cryptically (I have no idea what this is in the waking world, I just accept the songs at face value and haven’t looked into Murphy’s life). It turned out to be a kind of apocalyptic simplicity. Getting rid of everything except what you would need “after”. Investing in key stocks (I wouldn’t do this–apparently my moral stance on the stock market holds up in dreamtime), with very little hooey. I was amazed and intrigued.

    Then I got up, checked my feeds, and found out Bauhaus is re-forming.

  3. As niche sites and expert blogs multiply, I’m feeling more excited about the web.

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  1. J.D. says:

    I’ve actually been concerned regarding the negative reviews for The Island. It sounds exactly like My Type of Film, and I like it when My Types of Film get good reviews. I don’t often see a poorly reviewed film, but I’ve decided to make an exception in this case. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll enjoy all the scifi goodness.