1. I’m a good tipper, but the Shitty Tipper Database makes me never want to tip again (NOTE: I would never do this). In fact, it makes me never want to go out–much less pay with a credit card. What a nasty little violation of privacy.
  2. Because I am a creature of routines, I have been thinking lately about what my perfect day and week would look like. Not too structured, but definitely a place for everything. My ideal day:
    • 0430: Hit snooze a couple times.
    • 0500: Drag sorry ass down to treadmill.
    • 0530: Wake up Spousal Unit, get ready for work.
    • 0615: Catch the bus before Dolores.
    • 1615: Read on the bus home, having overcome motion sickness.
    • 1645: Do some nesting between catching up on Bloglines and client work.
    • 1800: Fix dinner, if I’m cooking.
    • 1900: Dinner.
    • 1930: Evening walk.
    • 2100: Read in tub.
    • 2200: Sleep.

    On Thursdays, we’ll order D-dish and watch a movie rented from GreenCine. On Saturday’s, we’ll have an adventure of some sort. On Sundays, clean house.

    This must sound terribly boring. It’s bliss, I promise you.

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  1. Brad says:

    Hi, Cat.

    It’s been a loooonnggg time.

  2. Cat says:

    Hi Brad.

    I recall a few years back that you applied moral relativism to women’s rights. You basically said that it was their culture, so if they wanted to force women to wear a burka, or have women circumsized, or what-have-you, then it was their business.

    See, moral relativism only goes so far. It goes exactly short of harming someone else.

    In any case, that’s why it’s been a loooonnggg time, and I’m curious to know your feelings on the issue these days.