1. It’s weird when PBF changes the strip. Last night, Peak Performance had a final panel, where the climber’s bones are found by astronauts on the moon. Less jarring, you can see the a the title “Volcano Snails” in the index, but as you can see from the URL of the strip, it was originally called “Slow Escape” (which I think is funnier).
  2. This is as close as I could get with my Yahoo! avatar:

    Yahoo! Avatars

  3. We have visited many cemeteries, and the Spousal Unit took some beautiful pics. More on that later.

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  1. Sheana says:

    I hate that buggery little avatar maker. It won’t let you change anything about your body except your color and your hairstyle! Bleargh.

    Someone needs to make a fatty avatar maker. Harumph! 🙂