1. Bloglines now has hotkeys. I didn’t think much about it until I started using them. I had no idea how much time and brain power I was wasting by using my mouse. The hotkeys are great.
  2. We are watching season 1 of Battlestar Galactica on DVD, and enjoying it very much. One thing I find bothersome: their rituals are too like ours. They have an entirely different history, why would they have military sashes, 21-gun salutes at funerals, and a tri-folded flag on a coffin? It looks like an obvious ploy to save on production costs by reducing custom props. It also looks lazy.
  3. The folder view bug in XP is infuriating. I’ve been able to fix it at home, and on my old work computer, but not on the new work computer. If you know a fix besides the BagMRU Size, I’m listening.
  4. On August 18, 2005, I gave up sugar. I still have the occasional dessert when we go out to eat, but the rest is gone. I have less sugar in a month than I used to have in a day–a lot less. No, I’m serious (yeah, I know my friends are agog right now). We have sugar-free sweets around, but I find I don’t even crave them, and they’re fine as a treat once in a while. Now that I’m not tanked up all the time, the contrast when I do have a dessert is striking. I feel like crap for a day afterwards, and have to really weigh the ROI. Usually, I’d rather feel good.
  5. Number two of three major changes is exercise. It’s been harder to stay regular. It’s easier to avoid an action than to take one. But keep up, for the most part, I have. It’s like happy butterflies and puppies. Exercise has had a positive influence on everything in my life. Okay, except for the chafing, but that is dealable.
  6. Number three is sleep. I finally became accustomed to my magic machine, and am getting enough sleep for the first time in my life. I don’t know how to describe the fog lifting after 40 years of sleep deprivation. It’s like my brain is finally on.

3 Responses to

  1. GreyDuck says:

    Folder view bug?

  2. Cat says:

    Yesh, it’s pretty common. I’ve run into it a couple times. When you open My Computer, the default view in XP is tile. You can change it all you like, but it’s going back to tile. Or it’s just random, like it’s lost its brains.

    XP can only remember the setting on 400 folders. Get beyond that, and it goes wonky. So you fiddle with a few registry settings, and you increase the size. But that fix isn’t working. Grr.

  3. GreyDuck says:

    Ahh. I go in and turn off “remember each folder’s view settings” the first time a login is created on a given XP machine. This may be why I haven’t run into the problem… yet.