I noticed Geek Chic is no longer on the front tables at Borders. I didn’t buy it–I thought the idea faintly ridiculous. Geeks aren’t supposed to be chic–that’s why they’re called “geeks”. I did open it a few times and found it incomprehensible. Apparently geeks don’t like paragraphs, because the book is formatted as a lifestyle “tree” that contains items like “Radiohead” and “iPod”. Tell you what. Here’s how to be a geek in three easy steps:

  1. Wear rectangular glasses with black plastic frames.
  2. Liberally quote or refer to the movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Princess Bride, and Office Space.
  3. Understand that “rolling a character” does not mean stealing the wallet of an eccentric person.

There, you’re a geek. And you didn’t even have to learn a programming language.

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