One of the worst things about being sick is that you often can’t think straight enough to take care of yourself adequately. A couple years ago I had an idea about that. I had just gotten over a nasty cold, and had a clear memory of the things that did and didn’t work. You know, the stuff you always forget the next time you’re sick. So I wrote a simple list on a 3×5 card, put it in an envelope marked COLD AND FLU, and stuffed that envelope in the same cupboard where we keep drugs.

The only flaw is remembering to look at it, as it’s kind of up against the side of the cupboard, and not as easy to spot as it should be. I was almost a day into this cold before the Spousal Unit grabbed it. Therein was the fact that the drugs I’d already bought in desperation didn’t work–I could have avoided learning that lesson again!–and a short list of what did work. Hot liquids, hot showers, and a half-dozen other tips that I’m now implementing. I feel a lot better today. [edit: except for the masses of typos and errors I’ve had to correct in this post because I’m still a bit addled.]

It’s in the same family of Merlin’s habit of making lists before you need them. Prepare now, while you have the leisure to do so, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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