I’ve been playing with LibraryThing. Entering our modest library gave me something to do while I recuperated. Here’s my widget:

There you can see what I’m reading right now. How can I be reading four books at once*?

Well, there’s the tub book (Culture of Fear), the bus book (Systemantics), the treadmill audio book (The Historian), and the book that wanders from room to room (The End of Faith).

I suppose I could make another widget for stuff I’ve recently finished:

LibraryThing has pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a library tracker, especially ease of use. I’ve tried to track various things with various tools, most recently Mediachest, but they’ve all been awkward and difficult to keep up. In fact, my track record is so bad that I’ve only paid for a year of LibraryThing. If we’re still using it this time next year, I’ll go for the lifetime membership, which is very reasonable at $25. Betcha Google has snapped them up by then.

*To those reading this entry in archives: the widget will probalby show different books. At least I hope it will.

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