There they are, a hundred little bags full of toys and candy, ready to thrill the neighborhood tots. I think of this year as a “primer”. Sure, I have Deadlina up in the window, but all in all, my decorations are pretty lame. The Spousal Unit groused that he couldn’t believe he was helping me make treats for the kiddies. I explained to him that they aren’t treats, they’re lures. Word will get ’round, and next year, dozens and dozens of little darlings will flock to our house, and we’ll scare the crap out of them.

A house nearby already has it down pat. I was lamenting the lack of a yardhaunt directory, but I discovered one of the coolest–no, the coolest–display I have ever seen, just a block away.

They have an incredible place to begin with: a rambling victorian surrounded by gardens. And they’ve done wonders with it. For Halloween, they’ve created enormous scarecrow sculptures from whitewashed wood, and topped them with jack-o-lantern heads. In addition, they’ve dotted the yard with small ceramic jack-o-lanterns (at least one of them is a potter). Here’s a daytime picture below. I’ve chosen this one not because those are the spookiest sculptures (those are on the other side of the yard), but because it gives some idea of how they’ve distributed the little lanterns.

Even there, you can’t see them well. When can you see them? At night. Ohmygosh, at night. Every single one of them is lit, and it’s incredibly creepy. If you are near the area, I highly recommend you drop by. Long Street is one block south of the intersection of SE Holgate and 52nd. Go west on Long for about a little over a block, and it’s on your left.

Happy haunting!

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