1. Okay, so we have a few leftover bags. That was to be expected. But we did have around 20 delightful little trick-or-treaters, all impeccably-attired and well-mannered. Next year, I shall continue to be terribly optimistic…by preparing half the bags.
  2. This was the Spousal Unit’s first real Halloween, as it is not celebrated in Australia, and we were in a secure building for the past few years. He grinned over my shoulder as the first batch of costumed critters held out their plastic pumpkins. I think he’s sold on the concept.
  3. Best Halloween post I’ve seen, and the source is no surprise. How can a person be so funny and so creepy at the same time?

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  1. spousal unit says:

    I may even wear a costume next year. “You rang?”