More LibraryThing

In response to Tim’s message on my LibraryThing profile, I have been giving it some thought. Here are two ideas and a nitpick:

  • Enter multiple items on one screen. Mediachest does this, but with their implementation, it’s clunky. With LibraryThing’s use of Amazon and their ease of entry, being able to enter several books at once would be marvelous. Just enter, enter, enter, check, check, check, submit.
  • That trick of tagging something “currently reading” could be an actual feature: instead of using a tag, have a checkbox for it. Keep current books on top of the list until they’re finished. When they’re read, a “date finished” is added to the book’s record, and the user is given the option of adding a review.
  • Finally, the nitpick: On the Add Books page, there is a little help link for tags between Search Terms and Tags. I’m a keyboarder, and that link catches my tab key. Visually, it seems like it should be one tab to tags, but it’s two. Several times, I’ve ended up on the help page and lost the ISBN I just entered.

Thanks for creating such a useful web app. I’m loving it!

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