Good Things For You To Buy*

  1. Joey Comeau writes the text for A Softer World, as well as one of the very few personal blogs I read that is not written by a personal friend. I read it because his writing draws me in. Angular and magical, I find I cannot look away.

    Joey has a book coming out soon. I’m going to read it. And right here and now, I’m going to recommend it, even though I haven’t seen it.

  2. This item has no links, as the proprietor of Romeo’s Bakery has stepped away from having a web presense. Instead, he concentrates on making the most wonderful and unusual baked goods. You won’t get a sandwich at Romeo’s, but you might get a pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes and bacon, or mozzerella and sweet corn (perfect for dipping in tomato bisque). Many of his pastries, while unusual here, are common items in Japan, but you won’t discover this without going in and reading the descriptive labels on the items. And boy-howdy, everything is good. Stupid me, I’ve been in many times and still don’t know the baker’s name. But I know his grandfather’s name: Romeo. Visit Romeo’s on SW Fourth, in that little strip of businesses between Alder and Washington.

*Standard disclaimer: no one asks me to write about things. I shill from the heart.

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