Best thing about Brokeback Mountain: some idiot movie executive didn’t rename it Forbidden Love.

The Spousal Unit and I made a decision after seeing Brokeback: we should see a few more movies in the theatre. Our previous policy was that theatre viewing should be reserved for films with a high SBU factor. Seeing Brokeback in the changed our minds, because it was just a damned good experience. There’s an immersive factor in a theatre that you can’t get at home. You cannot comment on the film, nor pause for munchies, and that increases your involvement, making a good film even better.

I’m looking forward to the announcement of the Oscar nominations, because we’ll gleefully spend President’s Day weekend on a movie marathon with our friends J & K, drowning in good stories.

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  1. Gayle says:

    RE Brokeback Mountain: I saw the previews twice and nearly cried. And then my friend asked that I read the story by Annie Proulx. I did that and have decided I just have no energy left for the sad story. Annie’s writing is just wonderful.
    I agree re the theater experience. A good place to get head lice. Hahahah nurse talk.