Bento 22 January 06

Bento 22 January 06

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The faces are leftover spaghetti, meatless balls, and roasted tomatoes. For the Spousal Unit (left), eggs in a bed of dill, roasted asparagus, and balsamic hummus with pistachios. For me, carrots and a tuna bagel.

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  1. Paul says:

    I love food as art as long as you still eat it!

    Often when I make the girls dinner I make their plate of food into works of art or at least something alot more intersting to look at than a sausage and a tomato. Beans become teepee’s dressed with olives in the crook, cheese and carrots become faces or bridges etc The look on the girls faces says it all – they beam with delight! The idea that food can be exciting to look at gives them a greater pleasure in recieving the meal and eating it!

    I quite like doing it too.

    It seems like you did also:)