FUCKING ebaumsworld!

But not for the usual reasons.

They sent a fairly large box to Paul, via me. It looked to me like an anonymous gift, and considering the source, I sure as shit was going to screen it. So I open it up, and it’s a promotional package. Why? They want Paul to host material at ebaumsworld. Why again? Because they got him mixed up with the New York comedian of the same name.

Thanks, you complete fucking morons, for making me pack this back from the PO box (it came at the same time as several other packages, and made my walk back to the office pretty unpleasant). I hope you die.

2 Responses to FUCKING ebaumsworld!

  1. Paul says:

    Sorry you had to go through this again!! Not that it is my fault but some how I feel a little guilty!

    What is ebaumsworld anyway?

  2. Cat says:

    Don’t feel guilty! Ebaumsworld is truly reprehensible, and it’s not surprising that they would do something stupid like this. Ebaumsworld is a site that steals content from other places, like cool pictures and video, then they put their brand on it and make money with it. They are the slimey underbelly of the web. Naturally, they’ve got a television deal. Bleah.