Cricket Box

Cricket Box

Originally uploaded by frykitty.

New bento box! It is several decades old (hard to say exactly how old). Though I will proudly serve with it, I certainly would not pack it for lunch. The three shimmering trays are ceramic.

Incidentally, while this was sold as a bento box, I would not be surprised if it serves some other purpose. If anyone knows, I’d love to hear.

3 Responses to Cricket Box

  1. louise says:

    ok, this is kinda scary. 1 min i was on paul mercurio’s site, then im here……………
    ……eh……!? wat is this site?
    sorry if im soundin weird, but im honestly confused!!!x

  2. Cat says:

    You probably just clicked a link on Paul’s site. I am linked from there, since I run both sites.

  3. Rob Drimmie says:

    This is a test for kitty.