At the water fountain near Rite Aid, a teenager takes a drink, then moves to another spout of the bubbler. I see him bring both hands up to the water, and turn to observe, thinking something is amiss. I see he is bringing his pet mousie up for a drink. The animal sniffs, but is shy of the running water. The young man puts a little water in his palm for the critter.

I am smiling as I turn away to walk down the street. An older woman makes eye contact and thinks I’m smilng at her. She smiles back.

See, mice are good.

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  1. louise says:

    i still cant find the connection cat. is it in the bio part or what?

  2. Cat says:

    It’s right here:


    I encourage you to post these types of questions to Paul’s Corner, rather than here. Lots of folks can help you there, so you don’t have to wait for me. Thanks!