I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Amazon’s Grownup School is a great idea, and it’s a shame they’ve utterly blown the program’s credibility by making Andrew Weil their science editor. I’ve looked through his recommendations, and find them, for the most part, to be either off-topic, or juvenile, populist crap. That his own books are on the list ends the discussion. Health editor? Maybe. But science is obviously out of his league.

It includes Island of the Colorblind, which it should, but I can’t see much merit in the rest of the list. Where are the wonderful Feynman biographies? Why on earth is The Self Aware Universe included? This is not a list about zen fucking meditation. Ah, there, I’m all angry again. I need to stop looking at Grownup School in the vain hope that Amazon will come to its senses.

*folds arms*


The Spousal Unit and I should make one of those reader’s lists: “10 Books To Read About Science If You Think Andrew Weil Is Full Of Shit.”

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  1. Who’s Andrew Weil? Oh, the cosmetics flack. Heh.

    Off the top of my head:

    Sacks — Island of the Colorblind (or any other)
    Feynman — What Do You Care &c? (or any other)
    Dewey — Quest for Certainty
    Medawar — Pluto’s Republic
    Schroedinger — What is Life
    Judson — The Great Betrayal
    Gould — Mismeasure of Man
    Darwin — On The Origin Of Species
    Mayr — What is Evolution?
    Sagan — Cosmos