.95 Tk by marriage

The Spousal Unit may have inadvertently changed the face of Trekdom. He commented here that:

“Dorkiness is measured in units called Trekkies, abbreviated Tk. People who get married in Klingon combat suits are the unit standard for 1.0 Tk.”

This comment was picked up by The Washington Monthly, and with any luck, will become a part of lore.

As a Tk .95 (no costumes, but I did run a fan club) I’ve never been so proud. *snif*

2 Responses to .95 Tk by marriage

  1. J.D. says:

    I don’t think I’m near 1.0, but I did used to videotape and audiotape every episode of TNG and DS9. I also kept detailed episode guides, filling out a pre-printed form of my own devising while watching each episode (a form that included a checklist for appearances by minor characters). Then Voyager came along and soured me on the whole franchise…

  2. Cat says:

    No VCR for me as a kid, so I would run home every day after school to catch the opening credits so I could write everything in my log. I don’t regret not having a bunch of stuff from my childhood, but I do wish I still had that log.

    I think you make .93 easy.