Lunchbox Matinee

Do you work through lunch? I know I do. I won’t even mean to; I’ll just get my lunch and come back to my desk to surf and eat, and the next thing I know, I’m answering a question or poking at a problem. My strategy thus far has been to actually leave the building if I want to take a lunch break. Lunch is good. It gives me time to relax and re-group.

Recently, I hit upon a small idea that not only gets me to take lunch, but encourages my co-workers to take lunch too: a Lunchbox Matinee. Every Thursday at 11:30, I play a DVD on the big, beautiful screen in the conference room. I started out with classic shows, like Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Today I showed the first half of Strictly Ballroom. Only a few folks are attending thus far, but these things take time to catch on. Besides, I get to go watch something on the big screen whether or not anyone else attends.

Another advantage for me is that it allows me to interact with co-workers in a relaxed, unchallenging atmosphere. Because I’m not gregarious, this is a big plus, especially since I like my co-workers.

Yes, I still work through lunch, but once a week, I take a break and watch a flick with some nice folks. I heartily recommend this refreshing practice.

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