The Key to the Keys

When was the last time you lost your keys? How much time do you spend looking for your wallet, keys, watch, all the vital things that go in pockets or purse?

I haven’t lost mine in years, and it’s no thanks to my creaky memory.

At home, we have a small bookcase by the door that holds a few baskets: one for things to grab if we need to leave during an emergency, one for change, one for the Spousal Unit, and one for me. As soon as I come in the door, I empty my pockets into my basket. That means my keys, wallet, watch, notepad, and all the bits of paper I’ve collected are right there. About once a week, I go through the basket and toss grocery lists, file receipts, etc. If I carried a purse, I would just dump it on a shelf. If I were a fashion maven, I would empty today’s purse into the basket, and use it to fill tomorrow’s purse.

What finally cemented this habit for me was thinking about all the time I spent looking for my wallet or keys, and how angry I would get as they remained elusive. I hate looking for lost things. The key basket has solved the problem completely.

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