Credit where due

Considering what a horrible time some folks have cancelling a service, I thought I should share an unusual experience: Comcast let me roll back without complaint. In fact, they were on the line very quickly (after I punched the right numbers, there was no hold time!), and the rep was local* and friendly. I admit I called to cancel, but only rolled back to the most basic service to preserve our internet bandwidth. Nonetheless, it’s a difference of $34/month, which the rep happily arranged, even waiving the associated fee.

It’s possible I might have had more trouble if I had not been retaining my broadband service, but I doubt it.

No, I’m not hyping Comcast. I disagree with a lot they’ve done, and I’m not into monolithic monopolies. But this time they got it right.

*Yes, I know they all talk about the local weather to make you think they’re local. This rep had a very localized accent. So if I was talking to India, that’s one Indian who knows Northwestspeak.

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