I’m being smart this year, and instead of running this blog for 24 hours on July 29, I will be keeping up the front page of It’s something that tends to fall short. Last year I did a lot of blogging on the front page for Sheana, and I think it made a difference (yes yes, I stayed up late and made a difference! hee).

Related to Blogathon, I have a favor to ask of all my readers who also have blogs. I’d love it if you could all join in–but I know that’s a bit much. A mention on your blog, though, that would be fantastic. While we do have a press release coming, we’ve found in the past that exposure in traditional media doesn’t have a large effect on fund raising. What makes the difference is more bloggers, and more publicity on the web. Every mention is important, especially now as people are getting signed up and ready to go.

I thank you, and so do lots and lots of other people.

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