An interesting several days


Last week I attended Webvisions. Instead of catching all the cool morning sessions, I was in CSS Bootcamp with Dave McFarland, and I don’t regret a moment. That was a great class–it made things so clear. I have already pre-ordered Dave’s book.

In the afternoon, I listened to a super talk from Andy about how web communities make their way offline. What a fun talk, with interesting history and delightful slides. Yes, I said delightful slides. I know those two don’t go together, but it’s true in this case. Afterwards, listened to Derek talk about community building, er, or something like that. Good talk, long title.

I wasn’t going to attend Webvisions this year, but Paul and Ryan came into town, and those are two guys I had to meet. As is usual, I felt like I’d known them for years, because I did–online.

People I met this year:

  • Derek, who seems like such a sweetie
  • Rael, whom I just shook hands with and said hello.
  • Andy, who is a very nice guy with great ideas.
  • Scott, who is gregarious and fun. I remembered his Blogathon run from a few years back, and was all giddy when I realized it was “the music guy” I was sitting next to at lunch.
  • Paul, who was probably the second blog-friend I ever made, so this was a long time coming.
  • Ryan, who has helped me with two Blogathons, and also been an online friend a long time.

I think that’s it, though I could be forgetting someone. Though the talks were great, my favorite part of Webvisions is always meeting people.

In other news, the last week has been scorching, in the 90s and 100s. Nonetheless, the Spousal Unit and I got out both Saturday and Sunday to go letterboxing. We discovered two parks we’d never visited (see, this is a limitation of being car-free. There are a lot of parks I’ve missed.), and found three of the four letterboxes we hunted. I must especially commend Calli K., who does some beautiful stamp carving, and made me want to do better.

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