The Spousal Unit and Me

Bill and Cat

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This is me and Bill, enjoying a wonderful Ethiopian meal at Queen of Sheba with Ryan (the photographer) and Paul during their trip to Portland.

The decimated dish you see before us is everyone’s meal. It is served family-style on one platter, with your order facing toward you. Maybe. It doesn’t matter, because it’s all wonderful. You eat by tearing off pieces of spongy bread called injira, and scooping up goodies. Since you aren’t getting your dirty fork in someone else’s food, by the end of the meal, everyone is sharing. I want to go there again and again.

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  1. Queen of Sheeba used to be my favorite, but now it’s Dalo’s Kitchen. QoS has better ambience, but Dalo’s delivers! So now we eat our Ethiopian at home on the patio, without silver, natch.

    Nice to see y’all last week.

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