Lessee…movies we’ve seen lately…

  • Pirates of the Caribbean, which was as much fun as expected.
  • Lady in The Water, which was a bit more fun than expected. People have such a visceral hatred for Shyamalan. I don’t know if it’s his sincerity (hipsters hate sincerity), his faith, or his race, but it kinda squicks me out. It was just a movie, he wasn’t trying to make the second coming. Yeesh.
  • Superman Returns, which was very much in the mold of Superman II, so if that’s what you wanted (it was), a good time was had.
  • The Night Listener, an early Kaycee-Nicole story. Toni Collette was nice and creepy.
  • X3, fine, brainless entertainment.

So, nothing great, but nothing we didn’t enjoy.

Blogathon was amazing, and for a change I’m not completely burned out, and am already working on next year.

I’m also working on a project for a friend, which is very, very different. You’ll see.

Oh, finally, this really deserves its own post, but I’m lazy: I’ve been using Joe’s Goals since it launched two months ago, and I must say I’m enjoying it very much. The interface is dead simple, and Joe keeps adding neat new features, yet keeping that interface intact. The only problem with it is you can get carried away adding goals, because they’re so fun to check off.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Saw and liked Superman Returns, loved Lady in the Water. If you get a chance to see Thank You For Smoking, I think you might like that. Skip Miami Vice.

    We bought our tickets last night for the first showing of Snakes on a Plane on Thursday – excited!!! (I love camp!)

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