It’s been a hard morning.

I figured out that I’d completely misunderstood Dreamhost’s email restrictions, and that’s why so many Blogathon sponsor emails weren’t going out. At least I know what’s wrong, because I was about panicked. Couldn’t figure out why things weren’t going, couldn’t verify what went, couldn’t hit anyone with a rock to make it better. So I’m spending the next few days sending emails. Which is fine, as long as it works.

On a TMI note, I’ve tripled my flaxseed-oil dose (I wasn’t taking very much), and will keep that up for a month and see if my hands improve. The one thing I won’t do to combat eczema is stop petting the cat, and that may well be key. I’d rather live with the yuck than not have a kitty.

In other non-news, the inability to post simple html to a Vox post (you can do it in comments, but not posts!) without jumping through hoops is annoying. I find I’m using Vox less and less, which is fine. I figured I would just use it to keep up with friends.

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