Of Mistakes and Prices Paid


A while ago, we decided to have a hike with our friends, Wendie and Metta. It’s scheduled for next weekend. Wendie recommended Angel’s Rest. I took a look at the specs and decided it was way beyond our current fitness level, though Wendie described it as “easy”. For some reason, I got a wild (aka, stupid) idea to find out who was right, the web, or Wendie.

Six miserable fucking hours later, I decided the specs were right on. See, it’s really, really hard for me to turn around before the end of a hike, especially if there’s some cool goal, like the top of a mountain with a fantastic view. So we didn’t turn around, we just went very slowly, and endured all the way to the top. If there had been a nasty, bug-ridden motel at the summit, charging $600 a night for a closet-sized room, we would have booked immediately. But no, we made our way down because hey, there’s no choice at that point.

Soo…I’ll be looking at a few of those other hikes Wendie recommended. I’m wondering if we should be hiking together at all–but the company will be fun even if they have to slow down a lot for us.

Because we didn’t want to get knocked completely off the horse, the Spousal Unit and I took our poor, sore muscles and went hunting for a couple new pioneer cemeteries. Escobar, White Birch, and Gresham Pioneer are all tucked into a tiny corner on Walters Road, between a church and Forest Lawn, a huge, modern boneyard that holds little charm. It hardly seems that there are three cemeteriees there at all. We looked for Mt. View Stark, but there’s simply nothing there. Either the location on the web is wrong, or it’s been built over. Finally, we wandered out to Pleasant Home, which is a lovely spot in a churchyard, adjacent to a farm. We walked the small graveyard to the music of cows and sheep.

I’ve decided that my first letterbox stamps will be Victorian gravestone motifs. The Spousal Unit had a better idea for placement though: it’s fine to start people in a cemetery, but it could be construed as disrespectful to hide a letterbox in one. So we’ll be going for spots with nearby parks or other places to hide boxes. We have a few candidates.

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