An “F” in Adulthood

Spent the day at home nursing an ankle (that is such a weird word. Ankle ankle ankle.) that has become increasingly less cooperative since Angel’s Rest. It got better during the day, then not so much better, so hell with the thing, it’s getting wrapped and taken to work tomorrow.

In the Annals of Immigration, we had a pretty serious fuckup a while ago, when I sent in a form for Bill on the last possible day (idiot mistake #1) and forgot to put in the fee (idiot mistake #2). So all we could do was wait for them to kick it back, then resubmit. They kicked it back very quickly, with a puzzling note: not only had I forgotten the fee, but the form was late. What? I sent it overnight. It’s stamped with the proper arrival date right there. Hah, the problem was idiot mistake #3: I got the date off the wrong place, and the form was, in fact, a couple weeks late. So we’re all feeling horrible ’round these parts, but we’ll suck it up, write a letter of explanation, and send things back with fingers crossed.

So what could we do but rent some movies and try to think happy thoughts. Watched Half Light, Demi Moore’s latest spooky little mystery. It was pretty bad. No happy thoughts. I’m off to bed now, and I’m going to start this day over in the morning. I don’t care if you think it’s Wednesday. I declare tomorrow to be Tuesday The Second. Let’s get it right this time.

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