C O     E E

Two unlit neon letters left the sign saying “CODE” instead of “COFFEE” in my mind. I think it’s time I got away from the historical mysteries and found something else to read.

Since yesterday was Tuesday the Second (and no, I still didn’t get it right), that makes today Wednesday. I’ve always hated the term “hump day”. I am still embarrassed about fifth grade, when my friend Allison and I found out what “hump” meant, and spent the afternoon gleefully singing “HUMP HER TONIGHT” at passing cars, then giggling ourselves breathless. There’s no good reason for me to be ashamed of this, as I’m sure the drivers heard only a preteen, sing-song “UHH ER EEEEEEYYYY”.

I’m probably remembering this tidbit because the Spousal Unit and I have been watching Medium, the series based on the life of Allison Dubois. We have just finished the first season on DVD. While the show is entertaining, it has a decidedly conservative slant that is becoming unsettling. The idea that lethal injection is “too gentle” and the increasing resentment of Allison’s husband over doing a share of childcare because she’s out saving lives is, well, not a part of the world I live in. In my world, Joe would be figuring out how to go part-time so he could help support his wife in her endeavors, the death penalty wouldn’t be gleefully pursued, and the stand-ins for the Innocence Project wouldn’t have been marginal bad guys. Bleah. But it’s still entertaining.

UPDATE: I couldn’t resist looking around a little bit. Guess who retired from his career and takes care of the girls? Good on ya, Joe.

UPDATE THE SECOND: I used “gleefully” twice in this entry. You know what the world has plenty of? Adverbs. They’re everywhere. Bet I could find some if I looked hard enough.

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