I always mean to post promptly about whatever little adventures we undertake, but then all the pictures are stuck on the Spousal Unit’s camera, and I wait. Well, no more! I’ll just post pics later. And learn to take my own darned camera.

Saturday we hiked Latourell falls with Wendie and Metta. It was the perfect hike–enough to get us sweaty and tired, but not enough to cause pain. Also, wow, gorgeous. There are two letterboxes on this hike, but the area around the first was too full of muggles to look for it. We did find the second, and thereby introduced W&M to their first letterbox! We’d told them about the hobby beforehand, and Metta spent much of the hike commenting on nice spots to hide boxes. I think she’s hooked. They signed into the logbook with one of our spare stamps. Fun!

Sunday we dragged out late, and did a bit more letterboxing around town. We tromped (respectfully) around Willamette National Cemetery, and found a lovely stamp there that was done in honor of the letterboxer’s veteran father. Then we found a very special gem: Whitaker Ponds. We didn’t find the letterbox there, but discovering this small, critter-filled park was enough for us. Head out NE Columbia, and turn North on NE 47th. Just a bit down the road, you’ll see a “Whitaker Natural Area” banner tacked to a fence on your right. Park outside the fence, and go through the gate. The car gate was locked when we were there–it was only open to pedestrians. Inside you’ll find thousands of native plants, hummingbirds, ducks, squirrels, and a lovely, tiny wetland. I really must go back. And post some pictures.

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