Post-Anniversary Report

Man, what a great anniversary. Bill and I have been married four years, but it seems more like four weeks.

The day began with eggs, juice, and a lovely little present from Bill–a pyrite (at least I think it’s pyrite?) heart that we’d had our eyes on for a while. We have a small collection of stone hearts that we add to on special occasions.

From there, we went on an early-morning letterboxing jaunt at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. Since Bill hates the way I dole out clues a line at a time, I soon handed the sheet to him, and we wandered off, at first in the wrong direction. I got stung by a wasp I accidentally brushed with my hand, but it was no big deal. Apparently, I’m not allergic to yellow jackets. Finally we found the box, and sat down on a bench to stamp in. The box was pristine as we were the first finders, and there was a darling stuffed octopus inside as well. Surprising? Well…I inked up the stamp and handed it to Bill stamp-side down so he could put the impression in our log book. He lifted the stamp to find:

Senn And Kitty
4th Anniversary
August 24, 2006

Yep, I’d carved a stamp, planted it a few days before, and faked up a clue page. Bill was completely surprised. Called me a sneaky fucker three times. I’m gonna be smug about that for a year.

After that, Bill had to work a while, during which time I carved a special stamp having to do with who married us. After he was done, we planted a real letterbox in the same place I’d put the anniversary box.

The rest of the day was spent doing real letterboxing at the Audubon Wildlife Preserve on Cornell. We sought 7 and found 3, which isn’t bad for us! The place itself is beautiful, and we’ll be back many times. End of the day was dinner at Queen of Sheba, and two exhausted travellers stumbled home.

I want at least a hundred more like that, please.

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  1. xoxoxSneaky fucker.xoxox

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