Weekend Update

Today’s discovery: Pad Thai is every bit as good cold as it is hot. Yum.

Saturday was laundry, and one itsy letterbox in the Pearl District. The Spousal Unit and I have decided that those types of boxes are better saved for winter months, when we can’t go hiking.

Then Sunday, ah, Sunday. Off for a hike up the Horsetail Falls trail with Wendie and Metta. It was a perfect day, we had a great time, and found two delightful letterboxes. Then SU and I decided we weren’t too grubby for delicious Ethiopian food from Sheba’s. Man, I lovelovelove that place. For the first time, we finished our whole plate. Hiking will do that.

We are again in celebration mode as the SU got the first bit of his grant application turned in. Grants are arduous, and each step deserves Ethiopian food and beautiful scenery.

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