Haunting Season

Haunting Season has begun. I don’t care if you wormy humans think it’s still sweet, sweet Summer. I smelled Autumn in the air this morning, and have had a craving for all things spooky for a few weeks now. Today, I thought to myself: “Self, what would you like for lunch?” Self answered: “Something creepy!” So I fired up the internets and started looking for this year’s fright. The earliest haunt is The 13th Door, which I didn’t get to see last year. It opens in just two weeks! Then there will be a long dry spell until the rest of the haunts open in October. I shall have to content myself with planting spooky letterboxes, watching scary movies, building props for the yard, and generally tormenting my long-suffering Spousal Unit.

Worse yet, this year we have a car of our own, which means I’ll be dragging him to haunt after haunt. He reads comments here, so feel free to leave a note of sympathy.

Now, back to scheming the screaming.

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  1. Jenn says:

    The 13th Door was amazing last year – I think we went at least twice. We’re looking forward to going again this year.

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