A Safe Party

Spooky plan the first: a party.

Thing is, I don’t really have parties in my home any more, especially Halloween parties. It’s just too intimidating a process, with the outcome depending upon my very limited social capital. The solution? Throw a party at work! Then people have to come! HA!

When I first started working here, they had elaborate Halloween potlucks. Serious decorations, lighting, the works. They stopped soon after, I think because the organizers just got burned out. I don’t blame them. But still, it’s something I’d like to see happen again, so I decided to do it myself. I’ve recruited a compatriot who is good at decorating, and has a lot of props. I’m going to scour the Halloween Food group for spooky ideas. Yes, it will be a potluck, but there’s no way I’m leaving all the fun food to others! I want to bring as much myself as possible. Oooh…this would be a good way to use those goodie bags from last year, too.

Of course this means I have to work on Halloween. Ah well, I’ll manage. I think it will be a blast. I’m gonna show scary movies with the sound off, and bring in my fog machine, and, and…yeah, like that.


Now I just have to plan cooking time in between haunt visits.

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