So, during WWII, why didn’t we call the Germans “germs” instead of “krauts”? Perhaps “germ” is only insulting in a nerdy way, whilst “kraut” is something to which every foot-soldier can relate. Or perhaps germ theory hadn’t ignited in the popular imagination in the 40s. I have no idea, I wasn’t there. But my father was playing saxaphone.

Last night’s dream inventory:

White-water rafting
Sylvester Stallone
A Martinez
Julia Roberts
Brad Pitt
4 gray tabby kittens
3 orange tabby kittens
3 domestic cats
4 cheetah cubs, plus mom
4 tiger cubs, plus mom
Black panther cub
A fabulous Christmas party (Really, Julia and Brad outdid themselves)

And no, you naughty stinkers, I had no dirty dreams. And yes, the Spousal Unit was there, but he always is. The man of my dreams.

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