Timberline, 13th Door

Annual Training this year was at Timberline. Despite the rustic location, we had a good time. I’ll be planning AT next year, so I’ll be keeping in mind the structure of Timberline, which kept us all together and engaged. I don’t know if there’s another place quite like it, but I’ll be looking. Quite unexpectedly, they had their first big snow while we were there. Yet, it cleared off enough for us to drive home safely. Pretty much perfect.

Tonight we went to The 13th Door. Their grand opening was last night. This is a fantastic haunt. The props are creative, some of the sets are bloody brilliant, and the actors are good and scary. This is the first time I’ve seen (or rather, smelled) the use of scent in a haunt. It works to disgusting effect.

After the extensive haunt is a small gift shop, where I was able to get a ton of Midnight Syndicate music, and some Red Vampire Gothika Theatrical Contact Lenses. They are more subtle than they look in the picture–very, very creepy. Also comfortable, which is important.

Recommendation: this is the last year for 13th Door, so get your ass out there.

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