Ah, delightful. That sudden onset of misery that signals a cold. Hey, co-workers! I’ve been contagious all day! You’re welcome!


In other news, I had a FUCKING GREAT BIRTHDAY. I got tremendously cool stuff from the Spousal Unit–the kind of gifts that you really want, but weren’t expecting. The guy has got me down pat. And apparently the “big thing” is still to come. *waits*

We spent the morning letterboxing, picking up seven stamps from a cool Halloween series up by Pittock mansion. Then we went on one of our adventures–picking a road and driving. McLoughlin was the road. There we found a Statue of Liberty and a very cool cemetery. We kept calling JD’s name, but apparently he couldn’t hear us from the road. Next time we should probably get his address.

At dusk we drove to Washougal to see Mike’s Haunted Cabin. Though we saw the props out, I think we were a little early. We’ll drop by later in the season.

Finally home, we snuggled and watched a pretty good scary movie. Now I’m curious to see the American version.

There are pictures from our adventures, and I will try to upload them later. I find if I wait for pictures to do the entry, it doesn’t get done.

What a good day. I consider it an auspicious start to the year. I’m just going to ignore this damned cold.

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