A great evening, and a favor

You know that site I mentioned earlier, Forbidden Crypts of Haunted Music? Well, the site is “on hold” because Dave has exceeded his bandwidth providing this super service. If you’d like to help, PayPal him a few dollars to davesWorld56 – at – msn.com.

Man, but I had a great evening. We went out to Steve and Neen’s place to see the decorations. They came out front as I was taking a picture or two, and we ended up talking to this lovely couple for a while. They even invited us in to see how the house is decked out on the inside!

Afterwards, we wandered out to the Davis Graveyard, which opens officially tomorrow, though the stones are set up. And now I feel dumb, because I didn’t ask her name, but the Mistress of the Graveyard spotted us, and came out to chat. There’s an open house on Sunday, and I will definitely be in attendance.

So I met really cool people tonight. I’m all happy ‘n’ stuff.

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  1. Dave says:

    Well my bandwidth problems should be over (with the exception for the months of September and October). 250free.com has just extended monthly bandwidth to 50,000 MB per month. Plus I’ve moved much of my newer files to dreamHost which has 20 TB of bandwidth, and increses by 10,000 MB bandiwdth eveyr month. Thanks again for visiting my pages.