Third Night

On the third night of Halloween
My true ghoul gave to me
Three black cats
Two skeletons
And a vampire bat in a cave

The Haunted Mansion

This entry is going to fill me with Disneylust. It’s about one of my favorite places in the whole widliest world: Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Yes, I’m one of those people who believed that one of the singing tombstones was Walt himself. Well, darnit, it looks like him.

Gracey Mansion is said to contain 999 ghosts, each with a name and a story. The attraction opened in late 1969 after much anxious waiting and fanfare. The front of the Mansion, styled in high New Orleans fashion, is only a facade. Guest are taken down an elevator, then shuttled underground to an adjoining warehouse that is just outside the park. Effects include projection, Pepper’s Ghost setup that has sets above and below the viewing area, and a plethora of other imagineering feats. Like the rest of the park, the Mansion is also filled with hidden Mickeys.

The Haunted Mansion has also inspired a number of fan sites. Two of the best:, and the incredible

Naturally, Disneyland has fun stuff in store for Halloween. The Mansion itself has been redecorated Tim Burton style. Hmm. You know what a good time to go to Disneyland is? About now.

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