Fourth Night

On the fourth night of Halloween
My true ghoul gave to me
Four Slithering Snakes
Three black cats
Two skeletons
And a vampire bat in a cave

Haunt directories

Need a break from stirring that cauldron? Find haunts and events in your area.

I don’t live anywhere near Thunder Bay, but I’ve always liked Haunted Yards for their creepy graphics. It’s the kind of site I’d like my haunted calendar to grow into.

For nationwide haunting, the site on everyone’s lips this year is GooGhoul. They have a pretty good listing of major attractions. Haunted Attraction Magazine also maintains a nationwide list of the big ones.

Smaller yard haunts and home displays are a little harder to find. Horrorfind has a good national directory of all things spooky, and their event listings often include smaller haunts. Hauntworld also lists attractions big and small.

In Los Angeles, Hollywood Gothique has a very good listing of haunter’s hangouts. Haunted Illinois has you covered for Chicago and surrounds–seriously–this is a great list. In Seattle, Haunted Night’s Directory of Doom has your ticket. The trick with looking for smaller stuff is to put “yard haunt” followed by your city into a search engine, and browse, browse, browse. And probably turn the sound down on your speakers, as Halloween sites are notorious for obnoxious sounds. Of course, don’t forget to check events calendars in your local newspapers.

Here in Portland, Roots of All Evil has a great list that I check regularly. And of course, there’s my calendar, which is as complete as I can manage, and includes a map of yard haunts and displays.

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