Sixth Night

On the sixth night of Halloween
My true ghoul gave to me
Six werewolves howling
Five pints of blood!
Four Slithering Snakes
Three black cats
Two skeletons
And a vampire bat in a cave

Creepy Crafts

Don’t get me wrong–I think store-bought stuff is a hoot, and I have quite a bit of it. But as time goes on, I find myself wanting to build or craft my own Halloween decor more.

It started for serious last year, when I went all Martha on the goodie bags:

I have plenty of those left over, so they’re coming out again this year. It continued with building my own tombstones, though that’s more prop building than crafting. Because I can’t sew (no, really, I can’t), I’ve never really considered myself a crafter. But then came the hot glue gun. I made this Monster Wreath, and now I’m hooked. Yay, glue!

Now I want to try tons of stuff. I may even do more Christmas crafting this year. One criteria I have for trying something is that there must be a picture of what it’s supposed to look like. Or a diagram, or something. I’m too inexperienced to fly blind. So here are some cute things on my list:

Want more? Check out Dark Side’s list,, the fantastic 365 Hallowee blog, and, naturally, don’t miss Martha.

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