Seventh Night

On the seventh night of Halloween
My true ghoul gave to me
Seven zombies shambling
Six werewolves howling
Five pints of blood!
Four Slithering Snakes
Three black cats
Two skeletons
And a vampire bat in a cave

Nightmare Nosh

I hate Halloween recipe books that list seasonal stuff like pumpkin soup, and call it Halloweeny. No sirree! It’s gotta be scary and spooky and possibly disgusting! Even if it’s a regular dish, at least call it something hideous. Baked beans are bat kidneys! Mashed potatoes are whipped cockroach brains (you would not believe how many of those buggers I had to catch…)!

If you want to get completely overwhelmed with Halloween recipes, the Halloween Food group is the place. Indgoviolet is obsessed, and it shows. I mean that in a good way.

If you like the gore, you won’t find better than these horrifying cakes at They’re Coming to Get You Barbara, and this fleshy feast from I Make Projects. For spiders and eyeballs, Britta (not the water filter) has your ticket.

A great way to go for the shudder is molded gelatin, and Quiggle has the jiggle. Be sure to turn off your speakers first.

For the cute stuff, BHG is a great resource. This Halloween, I’ll be making Betty’s witches hats for a party, and I’d love to try these cute spider cupcakes when I get a chance. Look for more at and The Recipe Link. And don’t miss Yahoo’s list of 30 Ways to Eat A Pumpkin.

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