Dear Judith and Barry

I know you read the blog, and I’m terrible about putting real ink on real paper, so I thought I’d respond to your note here. Bill and I both heartily agreed with the sentiment! Life is good.

We spent all summer hiking, and now that the cold weather has set in, I have been diving into holidays. I say that I’m the type of woman who will grow into wearing holiday sweaters, and I’m only half kidding. I’m sure you saw all the Halloween stuff I made. That was a great time, and I already have a theme in mind for next year. I haven’t cooked for Thanksgiving since Bill went vegetarian, but this year, darnit, I want turkey sandwiches. Even if we don’t manage to snag a waif to join us, I will be cooking a mostly-veg spread for at least the two of us. Also, I’m already crafting things for Christmas, and hope to send a few little ornaments your way. Knowing me, you’ll get them in March, of course.

I’ve been enjoying building and crafting things, and it keeps me busy when we can’t have fun outside. Plus, I have power tools. Fear me!

I’ll bet you have the best garden ever in Tas. With your penchant for greenery, I was so glad you were moving somewhere more amenable to growing things! Send me some of your talent! I’m best at killing plants, m’self.

Oh–and guess what I saw in a store here–Anzacs! I’ve only seen them one place, though. And they aren’t nearly as good as yours.

Have a fantastic spring/summer. We’ll be thinking of you as it drizzles and freezes here.

Much love,

Cat & Bill

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou, thankyou! What a great way to answer mail! We are off to Kingston again today so everything waits! Will send photos soon.
    Lotsa Love,
    Judith and Barry.XX