Three Things I Like

I love to find new stuff online to make my life a little easier. The following three have had quite a bit of buzz. I’ve been trying them all out for a while, and have decided they are worth passing along.

Joe’s Goals is a straightforward goal-minding site. The interface is simple and useful. Joe is working hard on the application, so updates are frequent and well done. At Joe’s Goals, you name your goal, and each day you can enter any number of checks for each thing you complete (for example, you might have several checks under “drink a glass of water”). You determine the number of points each check represents. Getting on the treadmill is harder for me than drinking water, so I assign that goal a higher point value. At the end of the day, your points give you a good idea of how much you accomplished toward your goals that day. I’ve been using JG since about the day it launched, and haven’t gotten bored with it yet. It has helped me do some simple things, like flossing, more consistently. I find myself making positive progress so I can get more points. There’s a lot more to JG, including some community aspects. I definitely recommend taking a look. Joe’s Goals is free.

Wesabe is exactly the expense tracker I’ve been looking for. I have an uploader on my desktop that grabs my bank transactions. A few minutes tagging, and I have a chart that tells me what I’ve spent, and where. Multiple tags mean I can keep track of both “gifts” and “christmas”. Though I haven’t yet, you can also set goals for each of your tagged spending categories. If you’d like an application that makes keeping track of your spending at least a little fun, this is it. Wesabe is free.

Finally, I’ve been using Pzizz for a couple of weeks. I find I can’t use it at work for fear of interruptions, and I can’t use it on the bus because because of noise, but I’ve fit it in to my routine by taking a pzizz as soon as I walk in the door after work, drained, facing the evening’s activities. A 20-minute energizing nap perks me up and gets me ready to go. My only complaint so far is that despite the fact that the sample naps are mp3s, you can’t actually export a nap from the program in mp3 format. I’ve had to convert each nap to make them manageable. You can download two free nap samples. The Pzizz modules are about $25 each.

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