Odds n Ends

I was irked last night to get a renewal form for my yearly pass-by-mail from TriMet. $711 they want. That’s $693 plus postage plus a handling fee. To buy the passes myself each month will cost $756. That’s right, for a full year of up-front support, I don’t even save the cost of one monthly pass. Not even 10 measely percent do I save. Dear TriMet: a yearly pass is quite an investment. If you don’t make it worth it, I won’t bite. Now, I’m not the type to drive more because of this type of tiny inconvenience, but a lot of people are. C’mon, gimme a deal. In the meantime, I’ll be going month-to-month.

Speaking of transportation, this AskMe got deleted because it was kind of ranty. I re-asked for them and got a few interesting answers. I would have liked more detail, but if I want that, I s’pose I can do my own footwork. I’m interested, but I’m also darned busy.

How do people do it? Work all day, keep house, cook, even make home improvements? I think you’re all on meth.

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