Hurray for…cauliflower?

I finally had the opportunity to try cauliflower ala Redfox. (Note: “a long time” is about 30 minutes–check after 20. You want lots of brown bits.) I am, well, was, a cauliflower hater. Something that looks like brains should at least have the decency to taste disgusting or slimy or something. But no, cauliflower, cooked in less princely manners, tastes like nothing so much as nothing. But oh, the roasties. They are like candy. I immediately wanted more and more.

For our dinner, I roasted a large head of cauliflower, along with a teensy bit of fresh jalapeno. When it was all nicely brown and yummy, I put what was left (er, I may have eaten some right out of the pan) on a tortilla with a few refritos. So, so good. Even better the next day for leftovers.

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