Resolutions, oy.

I don’t usually make resolutions. For years, I’ve merely resolved not to make any.

This year, there are a couple of things I’d like to accomplish, in a goal-oriented way. The year ticking over is a good time for renewal and commitment. And hell, who needs excuses? I just feel like throwing down a couple challenges to myself.

Challenge the first: regular exercise.
Yeah, I have the treadmill, and I love it, but I’m less than great about getting out there regularly. I feel tremendously better when I do so, and have many times extolled the virtues of a regular sweat. So dangit, let’s make it public.

The most objective way to measure exercise that I can think of is calories burned. Also, the treadmill has this number ready for me. On days I do something different, I’ll use estimated calories. I’ve opened a special account at Joe’s Goals, and posted the badge to the right. One point (for now) is equal to 50 calories. Yes, I know 150 calories is a lame start, but it’s the best I can do…right now. We’ll see where I am in a month or so.

Summary of challenge one: By February 1, attain 200 calories per workout. 400 by May 1. Re-assess after that.

Challenge the second: good food.
I’m a pretty good cook, and I enjoy doing it. Cooking my own food is the only way I truly know what’s going into it. I can make meals delicious, low fat, and very nutritious. For example, right now there’s butternut squash soup, veggie lasagna (low fat!), black beans & rice, and breakfast lentils in the refrigerator–enough wonderful food to feed Bill and me for almost a week. If I eat what I’ve cooked, rather than eating out, I know I’m getting fantastic nutrition, saving money, and exercising my creativity.

I’m not sure how to measure this one publicly, so I’ll leave that as is and make some kind of private marker. I’ll be posting regularly with progress.

Summary of challenge two: 80% of my food will be home-cooked.

Wish me fortitude and luck!

PS: Yes, I know I’m starting early. Why wait!

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  1. spousal unit says:

    Challenge the second: good food.

    Envy me, world. *contented sigh*