Water, water everywhere

In August 2005 I gave up sugar. I went hard-core for about a year, and now sugar is back in a very minor role. At the time, I was addicted to Mountain Dew. Sweet, sweet Mountain Dew, elixir of the gods. I haven’t had one since. In fact, I haven’t had any sugared soda since I quit sugar. If I’m going to have sugar, it’s going to be good, dangit, not some nasty can of pop. Sadly, I replaced all that MD with diet drinks. A lot of ’em. Diet Coke, Squirt, and most recently, Diet Sunkist. More than one person warned me against this, but I figured it was better than sugar, and I needed to come down off the taste of sweet things easily.

Yeah, well, guess who developed an allergy to aspartame? Go me. It’s very mild, but it was enough to get me to stop with the diet drinks. And lo and behold, suddenly I have all this energy and clarity. I even accomplished an age-old long-term goal of learning PHP, and started to build cool things at work. Apparently, I was hammering myself with diet soda. It may be the allergy that made me feel like crap, but I’ve heard similar stories anecdotally. Something to think about for diet sludge sluggers.

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