I made this!

I’ve been getting seriously into making things lately. Yarn and fabric and clay and and…they are like wonderful toys.

Here is my first sewing project:


Bill has worn that pretty much constantly since I made it. Apparently, he likes it.

Here is the first critter I’ve made from polymer clay:


The bunny is very teeny–maybe an inch long. That flaw on his back is a toothmark, as KC thought he looked like a little mousie. This pic is before I glazed him lightly. I think I’d better bring him to work so he doesn’t get eaten.

I had an aha-moment the other day. Part of what’s kept me from getting onto crafts is that I always feel obligated to finish things. Crafts were “projects” that had to be handled in an adult manner. Well, sod that. I don’t have to finish things, I just have to have fun.

1 Responses to I made this!

  1. spousal unit says:

    The scarf is VERY warm and comfy. We should have taken the picture with me wearing it properly — all you can see is my eyes!

    I started swiping one of Cat’s scarves last week because I was freezing, and had no sooner thought about buying one for myself than this arrived!