Bloglines Image Wall

Bloglines just made their first stupid mistake. Yesterday, they released the Image Wall, which displays a grid of dynamically updated images culled from blog posts. Not the blogs from your feed, but from all over the web. Before you enter the Wall, you must affirm that you are of porn-viewing age, and that you won’t blame Bloglines if you get your feathers in a ruffle. And for good reason.

My first thought when I saw the wall was “so?” There’s little you can do besides mark an image as “may offend”, and little point past the initial mesmerizing affect of the flashy grid. My second thought was that something like this would happen:

I just had to make my students unsubscribe from the Bloglines accounts I had them set up two days before this idiotic new feature came out, and had them go to Netvibes instead.

BAD, BAD, BAD JUDGMENT CALL, BLOGLINES. We know where to go for porn if we want it.

Sheesh. Who came up with this idea?

Filtering would improve the Wall’s utility, but honestly, what’s it doing there? If it doesn’t add, it subtracts. The Wall of Images adds nothing useful to Bloglines–an application known for its bare-bones, only-what-you-need ethic. At best, it’s a glittery toy. As it stands, it’s a kick in the reputation, and it leaves me feeling a little ickier about an application I’ve used and enjoyed since it became available.

2 Responses to Bloglines Image Wall

  1. Joany says:

    Seems like Bloglines has stepped up to fix the problem. Great news as I love bloglines! Also shows (again)that blogs can influence companies. That’s great news too.

  2. Cat says:

    Yes, I noticed that today. Good on Bloglines! I’m very impressed with their actions in this matter.